What Makes Up a Germisep Tablet?

  • Appearance
    White tablet
  • Chemical name
    Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)
  • Tablet strengths
    0.5g and 2.5g

What is NaDCC?

NaDCC, also known as Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is a form of chlorine typically used for disinfection. When dissolved in water, it releases hypochlorous acid.

Cell’s Enzymetic System

Membrane cell rupture

Hypochlorous acid reacts and breaks down with the protein walls and enzyme systems, resulting in the destruction of the microbes

How long does it take for GERMISEP TO DISINFECT?

Good question. Well, as each microbe has its own defense system, it will take different times for the Germisep army to break through the defenses and kill it.

The timeline below is an estimation of the time taken for Germisep disinfectant cleaning products to destroy its foes

Based on clinical studies and scientific research

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