Is GERMISEP approved by the Ministry of Health?

Will GERMISEP be affected by the presence of organic matters?

Will GERMISEP cause corrosion to metals?

Do I have to remove soilage before using GERMISEP solution?

Do I have to rinse after using GERMISEP solution?

How long can the unused solution be kept?

Will prolonged usage of GERMISEP cause microbial resistance?

Is GERMISEP environmentally friendly?

Can GERMISEP be used together with cleaning detergent?

How frequent do I have to apply GERMISEP solution to keep the area disinfected?

Is there any difference between GERMISEP and commercial liquid hypochlorite?

What should I do if I accidentally swallowed GERMISEP?

Can GERMISEP be used in HACCP approved food manufacturing plants?


Can the tablet be divided for smaller volume preparation?

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