Yes, it is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Yes, GERMISEP will remain effective in the presence of organic matters as the NaDCC is slowly releasing hypochlorous acid at the same rate as it is being used, maintaining sufficient level of available chlorine for disinfection.

It has very little/no effect on most metals, except if ferric metals of low quality are being used. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage.

Yes. In order to achieve complete disinfection, make sure to remove soilage using detergent solution and rinse properly before using GERMISEP solution.

Do not rinse, as rinsing after disinfection will reintroduce contamination.

It is not advisable to keep the solution for more than 24 hours.

No, GERMISEP will not cause resistance and rotation is not necessary.

It will not cause any environmental damage as GERMISEP is biodegradable.

It is not advisable as it will cause deterioration of efficacy.

It depends on the traffic of the area. Contact us for further details.

GERMISEP solution is at pH 5.5-6.7 with 90% undissociated HOCl available for germicidal activity, whereas liquid hypochlorite is alkaline and has low germicidal activity due to small amount undissociated HOCl. GERMISEP also has a better safety profile.

If swallowed, GERMISEP might cause stomach discomfort and this can be overcome by drinking a glass of milk.

GERMISEP can be used for any food processing premises and it is especially suitable for those HACCP certified plants and the active ingredient NaDCC is approved by FDA.

GERMISEP is a non animal-based product.

It is not advisable because the accuracy of the concentration will be compromised.

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