How To Use Germisep In Water-Based Applicators

14 Nov 2021

One of the things we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic was the importance of hygiene – cleaning and sanitizing everything around us. It made us aware of the presence of germs all around us.

While the precautions we take are usually adequate to keep diseases and germs at bay, it is equally important to use a good sanitizing disinfectant to clean regularly-touched surfaces around us.

With so many options available in the market today, it can get quite confusing regarding which disinfectant product to choose for your water-based applicator. Worry not! Our Germisep NaDCC tablets are effective and easy to use solutions for your disinfection needs!

The Germisep Disinfectant Tablets – The Best Ever Choice For Home Sanitization!

According to the WHO, it has been found that the COVID-19 virus could stay alive for longer than 72 hours on different surfaces. This means that there is a high risk of being exposed to the virus while you perform your everyday tasks. This is where the disinfection tablet Germisep comes to play an important role.

Composed of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), Germisep disinfectant tablets can easily be dissolved in water. Once dissolved inside the water, the NaDCC forms into Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a chlorine-based disinfectant with high efficacy.

Why Choose Germisep?

Germisep is not just a potent disinfectant that is effective against common viruses and bacteria, it is also the ideal choice for families with pets and children. Its neutral pH level means that you do not require protecting gloves while using Germisep. Moreover, it does not leave behind a strong, lingering odour, which can be detrimental to individuals with allergies or respiratory problems.

Secondly, Germisep is extremely easy to use, making it the perfect choice for busy parents who want a quick yet effective disinfection solution. All you need to do is pop a Germisep tablet into some water, wait for it to fully dissolve, and it’s ready to use!

Using Germisep in Water-Based Applicators

Water-based applicators such as mist sprayers and nano sprayers have emerged as trusty “weapons” for us to combat against bacteria and viruses. Many of us are already accustomed to using these applicators to disinfect surfaces that we come into contact with.

Did you know that our Germisep NaDCC tablets can also be used in these applicators? Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Fill up your preferred applicator with water
  2. Put in one NaDCC tablet and wait for it to fully dissolve
  3. You’re ready to spray and disinfect!



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