our Germisep legion

Germisep DISINFECTANT army


When a Germisep tablet dissolves in water, they will release millions of disinfecting armies in the form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This HOCL is often used as disinfectant tablets for water treatment and recycling.

Unlike chlorine bleach, HOCL is safe, non-irritant and harmless on skin and eyes. For that reason, this cleaning product is widely used in the kitchen to rinse fruits and vegetables. Our disinfecting armies are the perfect solution to destroy harmful germs, viruses and microbes.

How long does a Germisep solution last?

For residential usage, we recommend to change the solution for 24 hours. This is to ensure the most effective and consistent disinfection takes place.

In terms of how long the solution lasts, it depends on the concentration of the contaminants involved as explained further below:


Disinfectant Cleaning Products

From viruses to bacteria, we are exposed to germs on a daily basis. With the rise of infection from flu season, allergies and viruses, protecting your family is more crucial than ever. With Germisep disinfectant cleaning products, you can keep your facility clean and germ-free.

Before you disinfect the surface, clean it with soap and water to remove the visible dirt from the surface. Using our cleaning products, disinfect the surface which is effective in killing contaminants such as the coronavirus, influenza and other viruses to lower the risk of transmitting infection.

To prevent the spread of germs, make sure you disinfectant frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, kitchen countertops and faucet handles. Practice routine cleaning of these surfaces to stay away from the germs.


How Germisep Stands Out

Safe for the skin – no gloves needed during application

Effectively eliminates up to 99.999% microbial activity.

Can be used with various applicators – spray, wipe, soak, mop, you name it!

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