Safe Travelling with Hovid Essential Care Kit

16 Feb 2022

The world that we live in today is not the world it was before Covid 19. Whether it is the closed borders, mandatory quarantines, or canceled flights – traveling during this pandemic period was a big risk and a hassle. After the Covid vaccinations were introduced and the majority of the population started getting their shots, the borders started opening again, and people started traveling. Although we may be able to travel again thanks to the vaccines as well as new travel and health policies, Covid still remains a threat and must be taken into account every time you leave your house.
This does not mean that you should refrain from traveling entirely; instead, you should carry extra protection against Covid-19 every time you travel. This can be done by carrying a travel kit containing disinfectant cleaning products such as a face mask, sterilizing tablets, alcohol disinfectant wipes, etc. You may also carry supplements such as teas, which you can carry along while you travel to boost your immunity and give you a good night’s sleep. An example of a complete traveling kit that has all the essentials you require is Hovid’s Safe Travel Essential Kit.


What Does Hovid Safe Travel Essential Kit include?

The Hovid Safe Travel Essential Kit includes a Germisep Disinfectant Tablets and Alcohol Wipes, Ho Yan Hor Night Tea, Quick lean Hand Sanitiser, 3-Layer Mask, and Tocovid Suprabio and Vitality Supplement.

Germisep Disinfectant Tablets and Alcohol Wipes

The Germisep Disinfectant Tablets and Alcohol Wipes are highly popular because of their effectiveness and convenience. In fact, they are present in more than 10 countries worldwide with over 100 million users. They are also considered safe for babies, the elderly, and even pets as they have a pH level of 5.5, which is effective enough to kill the germs but does not harm your skin.

Ho Yan Hor Night Tea

Ho Yan Hor night tea is specifically designed by incorporating calming Chinese medicinal herbs to allow you to get a full night’s sleep when you travel.

Quicklean Hand Sanitiser
Quicklean Hand Sanitiser is approved by the Ministry of Health and contains 75% ethyl alcohol, which is strong enough to provide effective disinfection.

Hovid 3-Layer Mask

What makes Hovid 3-layer mask unique is that it not only provide UV protection and prevention of Covid transmission but also is water-resistant – hence it is ideal for travel.

Tocovid Suprabio and Vitality

Tocovid Suprabio and Vitality and supplements help boost up the immune system and protect your body from cell and nerve damage.

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